OnBoard is Connected

OnBoard is part of a national network of similar organizations. Formed in 2004, InterOrganizationNetwork (ION) consists of 12 regional organizations, representing more than 10,000 women.

Membership in ION benefits OnBoard and its members in the following ways:

  • The collective voice of ION garners attention and press for the issue of women and governance
  • ION publishes an annual study that is presents aggregate data from all the regions represented by its members
  • ION is sought out for a point of view on matters of women in governance and other leadership roles
  • Companies come to ION to help them identify qualified women for their boards

In the U.S., the number of women advancing to the senior ranks – the executive suite and boardroom – remains stagnant. ION is a larger voice to talk about this issue and push for change than any of its members would be on their own.

OnBoard is a founding member of ION.