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Mary Francia

Odgers Berndtson

Mary Francia is Partner in the Board Practice of Odgers Berndtson.  She brings 25 years of international leadership and executive management experience in Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Media, and Healthcare to help CEOs and Boards with Board Composition Strategy and Succession Planning.

Before joining Odgers Berndtson, Mary was a strategy consultant for market development, portfolio transformation, and risk management.  As a corporate Executive, she led strategy, marketing, and sales teams at Nokia, Royal Philips, Time Warner Cable, Flex, and Air-Liquide in Europe and the Americas.  She has also been a business strategy advisor at EICTA (Digital Europe), Philips Research, Bell Labs, The US National Science Foundation, and several technology incubators.

Mary is an Italian American born in Peru.  She holds a Bachelor’s in business administration, an MBA in International Business, and a Certification in International Corporate Governance from INSEAD.

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