Get On Board! Networking | Connecting Women and Boards

Get On Board! is one of the ways OnBoard is expanding its role as a catalyst to getting more women on for-profit corporate boards. Get OnBoard! is an invitation-only, premier event designed to connect board-ready women to those companies who are looking for female representation on their boards.

How it Works:

CEO’s and board selection influencers of for-profit companies are invited to attend Get On Board!. Board ready women known to OnBoard are also invited. The executives and influencers come to meet qualified women to consider for their own boards or boards they know that need candidates. The agenda for the evening includes both networking time and one-on-one interviews between the candidates and the board members.

In addition to introducing board candidates at the event, Get On Board! provides CEOs or board representatives with detailed profiles of these businesswomen who are ready to serve on public boards. The atmosphere at Get On Board! is professional, but is also conducive for getting to know board candidates in a more relaxed setting. The reception is limited to less than 30 candidates and a corresponding number of CEOs and board members to facilitate making connections.

Since its inception, OnBoard has been the leading authority and advocate for the advancement of women in public boardrooms and executive suites. Finding candidates is said to be one of the major barriers companies face in increasing representation of women on their boards. OnBoard addresses that issue with this invitation-only Get On Board! event by connecting qualified women with opportunities and helping them raise their visibility for board and leadership positions.