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Next OnBoard membership is open to early and mid-career professionals who support OnBoard’s mission. Next OnBoard provides connections with senior leaders and accomplished peers. Members receive targeted education about board governance along with the opportunity to calibrate their experiences with the career paths of existing board members and senior leaders. The peer connections formed through Next OnBoard provide ongoing opportunities for professional growth, shared learning, and engagement. NOB Membership Brochure

Why Join Next OnBoard?

Next OnBoard Members


Networking opportunities with peers in a variety of industries

Education on career and leadership paths to executive seats as well as board basics

Access to educational posts and announcements through social media

Discounted Next OnBoard and OnBoard events

Enhance your resume through professional activities and leadership roles

Exclusive access to Next OnBoard and OnBoard “Member Only” Events

Access to experienced board ready women through the Mentor Program

Run for leadership and committee member positions

Invite your company to participate in Sponsorship opportunities to support women leadership

Access to executive board opportunities through frequent “Board Search” emails

Receive a complimentary copy of OnBoard’s annual Women in the Boardroom study to track the progress of women achieving a greater presence in Georgia Boardrooms.

OnBoard’s mission is to increase the number of women on public and private boards in Georgia and building a pipeline for candidates ready now and in the future is important to that mission. It is never too early in a career to start building the credentials, experience, skills and networks needed to advance to senior leadership that can then lead to public and private board service.

Next OnBoard was created to engage high potential professionals early in their careers to inform and educate these young women helping them on the path to senior leadership roles and to the potential of board service in their future.

The benefits of membership are accentuated when combined with involvement as a volunteer or leader of a Next OnBoard Committee. We welcome the opportunity to help you find a niche in our organization. To get involved in a Next OnBoard Committee, please email . We look forward to working with you to advance OnBoard’s mission.

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Join Next OnBoard
Next OnBoard membership provides full access to OnBoard programming and events at a reduced rate that is affordable for early-career professionals.

Pay your dues online. Click here to join or renew via our Next OnBoard payment processing site. If you do not have a username or do not remember it, use your email have the username and password emailed to you. If you have trouble, please contact our administrator Leslie Hinchman. Online registration saves you time because future forms are filled in automatically from our database with the information we have in your profile. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation. Information will never be sold or shared with any third parties and you will only receive communications from OnBoard and Next OnBoard.

For more information, please contact .

If you are not an early-career professional, consider joining OnBoard, click here for more information. All OnBoard members can participate in any Next OnBoard educational events if interested in the topic. Both Next OnBoard and OnBoard events are listed on the events page.