Thanks to our Racial Equity Initiative Sponsor

OnBoard exists to increase gender parity on corporate boards and to advocate for professional women at all stages of their careers. While the corporate world has made great strides in growing the representation of women in leadership roles, profound racial inequities remain. As it stands, only 3.4% of total board seats in Georgia are occupied by a Woman of Color leader. As such, OnBoard is committed to advocating for racial equity by developing avenues of success for BIWOC professionals both internally and externally.

After a challenging year of compounding crises that spotlighted workplace inequities and drove millions of women from the workplace, OnBoard stands ready to rebuild our female workforce. Founded in 1994 with the mission to increase the number of women on corporate boards and in leadership roles, we are positioned to lead the effort to equalize the corporate environment for professional women in Georgia and beyond.

Led by the Board of Directors, OnBoard develops programs that will further equitable representation on boards across Georgia and the nation through the following initiatives:

To recommend a woman for the fellowships noted above, please contact Lisa Robinson, OnBoard President, at