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Celebrating 30 years of research: An annual study of women in the board room and executive leadership of Georgia public companies.

OnBoard has been a pioneer in its approach to getting more women on corporate boards and was the first to field a study measuring the status of women on corporate boards. Recognizing that hard numbers are more compelling than prose, OnBoard strives to make the case for a problem that needs to be addressed while creating an essential benchmark for measuring progress and proving efficacy. Since 1993, through the production of our Annual Study, OnBoard has been making a vital contribution to measuring the corporate landscape to track the progress of women’s role in the board room and executive leadership positions on Georgia public companies. All information is derived from Form 10-K, 8-K or proxy filings with the Securities & Exchange.

Power of 3

Power of 3 companies are those who realize that increasing to three or more women on the board creates a dynamic where the true impact of gender diversity is realized. Georgia companies with a Power of 3 board have climbed to 33, doubling in the past three years.


2022 Annual Study Highlights

OnBoard’s Impact

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By The Numbers

  • When the Annual Study was first published in 1993, women made up only 4% of all public board seats in Georgia. In 2022, that number has climbed to 24%, an all-time high.
  • Power of 3 companies, those companies with three or more women on their board, experience the true impact of gender diversity. This year, 43 of Georgia’s 126 public companies are Power of 3 companies – a record.
  • For the first time, four Georgia companies have reached parity – 50% or more women directors. Those companies are Chart Industries, The Coca-Cola Company, First Advantage Corporation, and Intercontinental Exchange.
  • Women of Color directors are also increasing exponentially, occupying 55 seats in 2022. Between 2010 and 2020, Women of Color gained only 11 seats. By comparison, Women of Color have gained 19 seats since 2020.
  • Progress can be attributed to a fill rate of 40%, which is the highest it has ever been. However, to reach parity across all boards, we must strive for a fill rate of greater than 50%.
  • 130 searches for board candidates have been executed through OnBoard
  • 34 women have gained a board seat with the influence of OnBoard
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OnBoard programs prepare women for board service through education, mentorship, networking, and opportunities.

OnBoard Accelerator gets women closer to their goal of serving on a for-profit board. With a focus on personal marketing skills, we prepare you for the board interview process ensuring you clearly articulate the value you bring to the table. Learn More

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If you are looking for qualified women to serve on your board and need to identify talented professionals, we can help. OnBoard can connect you to candidates through a confidential matching service.

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OnBoard partners with a strong network of organizations to connect board searches with our qualified members. Our key partners are listed below.

ION (Interorganization Network)

As a partner of ION (Interorganization Network), OnBoard receives notifications of confidential board opportunities. We share these with our Members in an effort to submit candidates for consideration and connect qualified women with corporate leadership opportunities.

As a committed advocate of women in the boardroom, The Carlyle Group notifies OnBoard of board opportunities that become available among their portfolio of companies. OnBoard shares these openings with our members with an invitation for qualified candidates to apply.

OnBoard is excited to announce our new partnership with Bolster, a platform to help executives access Boards of Directors, on-demand leadership roles, and positions with high-growth VC-backed startups. Bolster has launched a major program encouraging their clients to add independent director seats to their boards and fill those new board seats with diverse candidates, including people who have never served on corporate boards before.

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